“A Cold day in hell”-Ayomide D”great writes.

It was a good morning at exactly 4:40am,

A boom zoomed around Our neighborhood in mayhem,
_”What could this be”?_ Those with Lions’ heart were already out to see through Their gate;
Kpa! Kpa! Kpa! Kpa! Kpa! What’s up! Neighbors down! From Their gate straight up to Heaven’s gate.
Harmony of agony went on to sing on,
Rest in peace to These hearts, may Your art of valour continue to live on.
Every single lives on the street were shot dead,
What a good mourning! A morning that turned a sleeping bed into a deathbed.
There’s a war in the sky?? But who are These ones shooting for the stars!?
Who are They leaving Our hearts in scars?
They’re the men with the gun, men of the underworld,
Aliens of disaster, beasts from the other world;
Surprisingly, They’re all women dressed in all black, all black like Wakanda,
Dearly darling, dazzlingly daring, dangerously deadly as night; All black like the Panther.
Amazing amazons! Trigger happy ladies but it so sad to say,
It’s quite easy to die and it’s so hard to pray,
Indeed these queens slayed,
And multitude of bullets strayed,
Blood thirsty queens on a slay mission.
Bad intention met evil decision on a rational notion,
Perhaps, it is true that no woman no cry;
For these daughters of Eve have caused undying rivers to roll down our eyes,
Within a blink of an eye, serene siren started to bamboozle the air;
We were tripped off by this hullabaloo fear,
Only to realize They’re convoy of Police cars,
Like a sheet of paper, the pigs began to tear gas,
Without a sea of choice, those evil Eves had to wear a race and run for cover,
Cops take down, two of Them down and the rest of Them ran to hover,
One shot dead and the other shot in the leg,
The criminal survivor confessed in tears and had to beg,
But how can this bring back the dead life?
And how can You take the life of the knife that stabbed Your wife?
Eventually, She was taken away.
It’s about 9:55am and the Sun couldn’t find Her ray
The headcount lost count in the body count;
Indeed, lost is the count of the body count…

From the peak of Sorrow, greater griefs fell;
Black clothed candle knights, great a number of mourners and wailers felt this hell to the deepest Hell.
Now a memory it has become, a history melancholies can’t joyfully tell,
What a day! The day that evil has made, a cold day in Hell…

$anity to the Insanity

Inufin Ayomide D’great


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