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Relief For Detained Mother of Triplets As Enugu Commissioner Settles Bill



Previously held at Praise and Grace Maternity Hospital in Enugu over an unsettled delivery bill, the Orajiobi family has finally been released today, through the swift intervention of Enugu State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Engr. Prince Lawrence Ezeh.

In response to the family’s plea for assistance, the Commissioner cleared the entire hospital bill, alleviating the family from their unexpected financial burden.

Responding to questions about his intervention, Prince Eze stressed the importance of being our brothers’ keeper, sharing a personal connection to the situation as he and his wife have their own set of triplets.

“I was moved by your story when I read it yesterday,” Prince Lawrence stated, expressing his understanding of the challenges faced by the Orajiobi family, having experienced the joys and responsibilities of raising triplets himself.

Mrs. Joan Orajiobi, the mother of the newborn triplets, conveyed her heartfelt appreciation for the Commissioner’s intervention. She expressed her happiness upon seeing Prince Lawrence at the hospital, clearing their bills and relieving them from the distressing situation.

In a phone interview, Mr. Cornelius Nchekwube Orajiobi, the father of the newborn triplets, expressed profound gratitude to Almighty God for facilitating the timely intervention that lifted the heavy financial burden off their shoulders.

He acknowledged the pivotal role played by Enugu Commissioner for Science and Technology, Engr. Prince Lawrence Ezeh, in ensuring their release by clearing the hospital bills on this auspicious Saturday, the 13th day of January 2024.

Moved by the Commissioner’s act of kindness, Mr. Cornelius shared his astonishment at the swift response, remarking that “Prince Lawrence Eze was the last person they expected to come to their aid,” making the Commissioner’s gesture even more remarkable.

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Overflowing with gratitude, Mr. Cornelius extended his prayers to the Commissioner, invoking blessings from the Almighty God for his benevolence and expressing hope that Hon. “Prince Lawrence Eze will never lack in his lifetime.” He emphasized the overwhelming love and compassion shown by the Commissioner, underscoring the unity and humanity that transcends geographical boundaries, as they are not originally from Enugu State.

The celebration of the New Year Triplets, initially met with joy, turned somber when news broke out about their detention due to financial constraints. However, within 24 hours of the distressing news, Hon. Prince Lawrence Eze’s compassionate act has restored hope and happiness to the Orajiobi family, highlighting the power of collective support in times of need.

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