#BBNaija2020: Housemates fall short of expectations in in wager challenge despite ‘detailed’ preparations. (See details)

The Big Brother Naija Housemates spent the majority of their free time this week preparing for their Wager Challenge by practising their “No Means No” play and cramming their fun facts about Nigeria. Tonight was the moment of truth as the Housemates got to see if all their practice was time well spent, or wasted.

Part one: The Quiz
The first part of the Wager Challenge was a quiz on fun Nigerian history facts. After being summoned to the Arena by Biggie, the Housemates were instructed to divide themselves into a Black Team, and a White Team, with equal numbers of males and females in each team. After fumbling through the selection process, Biggie informed them that he would be choosing the teams for them, as they took too long to decide. The team’s Biggie selections were as follows:

                          The White Team                                                 The Black Team
                          Vee (Leader)                                                        Kiddwaya (Leader)
                          Brighto                                                                 Wathoni

Trickytee Tolanibaj
Erica Praise
Lucy Laycon
Kaisha Neo
Prince Nengi
Ozo Dorathy

The rules for this portion of the Wager Challenge were:

The round would consist of ten questions for each team.
A team leader would have to be selected to read the questions out and they would not be allowed to answer any of the questions.
It was the Team Leaders duty to select a specific individual on the opposite team to answer the question they had picked.
The team member picked had a maximum of two opportunities to answer the question correctly, and they could not be assisted by any of their fellow team members.
No team member was to be asked more than two questions.
The losing team would forfeit all of their Big Brother Nairas and the winning team would be awarded fifty Big Brother Nairas each.
When it came time to do the deed and see who knew their facts best, the results were surprising. Praise and Tolanibaj both struggled and didn’t manage to answer any of their questions correctly.

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The Housemates who flexed their cranial muscle by having their fact game on lock were Prince, Dorathy, Lucy, and Nengi. The surprise of the quiz was Kaisha who seemed unsure but still managed to get two correct answers. Joining her in the select group with two questions answered correctly was Erica.

At the end of the quiz the score was: White Team 10 – Black Team 8, handing the win to the White Team.

Part two: No means no presentation
This part of the Wager Challenge was focused around highlighting the scourge of gender-based violence. The Housemates created a play that touched on the different instances that this heinous crime can occur. The presentation was expertly narrated by Vee, featured a poem by Laycon, and showcased fantastic performances from all of the Housemates with Erica and Praise being the most noteworthy.

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This was the part of the day that Vee was correct to be being anxious about because once they had completed the performance, Biggie asked ominously: “Is that all?” Though the presentation was poignant, the Housemates fell far short of the allotted time for the performance.

Kiddwaya attempted to soothe Biggie by explaining that the majority of messages that he had seen on the subject matter were concise like their effort. This was the reason that their presentation was succinct but still managed to highlight many varied instances of gender-based violence perfectly.

This explanation didn’t manage to sway Biggie’s opinion and the Housemates winning streak came to an end. The presentation was perfect, but not following the rules led to the Wager Challenge being a loss.

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